Doom 2 tails wad download

❶After a year hiatus, Sonic Doom 2 back! "What is Sonic Doom 2? Im downloading it now ZeroGravityDarkis is offline I added,,, and to ZDL and started ZDOOM, but everytime i just get a "Sprite BSPI frame C is missing rotations." error. Root is offline  [Character] Tails Guy: Shooter of all the things! - Page 2. Download here Note: this update is aimed at users of Doom Source Ports, but if you prefer to use 'Plain Vanilla' Doom2, see the instructions below. - appended the text file for Tails Doom You may distribute this WAD, provided you include this file (And the tails text) with no modifications. You may. Download the ( now unzip Z-doom and stick the file you downloaded from mikeys site in the folder. WHAM BAM! you get 2 lvls, a boss, and a bonus lvl! (make sure you set up your controls before you play! they are kinda mixed up on the keyboard. i had to manually set.|I can't wait to try out your new updates. You're currently viewing our forum as a guest. Work on XP and Vista, Just so you know. Last edited by kells0n; at The time now is | ]

Awesome that you are working on this again, but how do i play it? Nvidia hardware OpenGL render. It'd be cool to have different characters in a netgame. And if its Zandronum compatable, its most likely ZDoom compatable. Originally Posted by D00D Because everything after it is much worse, especially for Doom mods.

For those of you looking for a Tails forum, we recommend Two Tailed Fox Fourms which can be found at http: I update gameplay content regularly so check it out.

Global Offensive's original music kits. Jul 29 Find More Posts by toaster. As for Metal, you should be able to do class-specific weapon replacements A dedication to Red Book CD audio.

The only differences between each is stuff like firing speed. Do you like areas where you have to move quickly through the area, otherwise you get stuck and are forced to slowly lose health and die?

I had to reupload a video of this cause of a hacker hacked my youtube it was xXIMikeyTheFoxIXx but I made.

If you're already a member please log in to your account to access all of our features: You Found a Secret Area! A very lazy person.

I've got a teensy bit cooking related to this, and I'm glad to see SSN has got it all working! Send a private message to Shadow Hog. Recommended to be played with OpenGL. It is your job to save her!

Thats why it's called war. Email Address never made public. Originally Posted by Shane. Looks a bit too bloody for a Sonic character.

Doom 2 tails wad download

Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Here's some screencaps from the first level I'm currently working on. ZDoom broke Hydrocity Act 2 you can't pick up the keyso I had to move it. Send a private message to toaster. The mystery of this weird message.

As you play the role of Miles Tails Prower, verify that you are beautiful Sonikku again Demon kidnapped the evil king. Anyways, its great to see you at least updating this a little again! Tails Adventure Doom edition.

It's probably the only good Sonic Doom mod out there. Where is the pic of Tails doomguy? I got up to launch base 1, how do I get past the circular room? Well, I meant Sonic 3 -style flying where you repeatedly press the jump button to go up higher and higher until you tire out this is doable in ACSbut if you wanted to let Tails players have Heretic -style flight, I suppose that might work.

I know, but in multiplayer, I feel its more important, since naturally, everyone would have their own choice for characters. The goal of the project seems markedly different from something a Sonic Generations mod would be able to accomplish. Ya that's were I got most my textures in the doom game Sonic Robo Blast 2 thats were the game can be found. Download either SkulltagZandronum or any other source port you like.

Back then, mashing existing franchises with Doom was pretty common — there was the Aliens TC for Doom, as well as Batman Doommade by the guys who would later go on to make Zeno Clash. I totally brain farted.

Especially when you have levels based entirely on remaking Sonic the Hedgehoga franchise that was in its dark period. Sonic Doom II used an old Doom Legacy source port to run, but SSNTails fixed the mod very recently, almost 13 years later, just to fix a few bugs involving some of the levels and change a few things, replacing a secret level full of enemies from Project GeeKer to just porting a level from Sonic Robo Blast 2 wholesale.

Doom 2 tails wad download

Send a private message to SSNTails. It's not because I don't agree with you that I'm not nice. Notify me of new comments via email. Thanks for saying this. Work on XP and Vista, Just so you know. I know some of you may be quick to defend the mod for being creative by replacing the sprites and enemies, but by we were seeing modders do a lot of amazing stuff with Doomsuch as these:.

Send a private message to D00D YouTube Channel is U. Do you like terrible-looking gun reskins, even for ? While you may not have found actual secrets here, you've found the site for goofy video game stuff.

What is going on everyone! Today's video we are playing The Tails DooM Guy Wad! Make sure to let me.

I am actually a very nice person. Welcome Guest [Log In] [Register].

I've started working on a little project since I found today Tails faceset made by user sonicnews. The goal is to make a Doom 2 wad which puts Tails in place of Doomguy 8-) How to play instructions: 1. Download the original Doom 2 files. 2. Download either Skulltag, Zandronum or any other source port you.

Im downloading it now And it's thankfully over. Been long enough, hasn't it? Some of these mods, like Alien Vendetta and Doom the Way Id Didtake an existing spin on the tried-and-true formula, while others like Brutal Doom change the game drastically. The time now is The good news is that this only a minor inconvenience and not game breaking, so you don't have to switch ports if you really don't want to.

So I've Started working on this again after all this time. It's been a long time since I've worked on the Tails.

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