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Where can our readers purchase or download your music? I would love to work with JayZ and Eminem! We know you are a Rapper, Actor, and proud Father can we expect any of your children to follow in your footsteps? What advice would you give a new artist trying to come up in the game? You seem to do allot of charity work and give back to the community which is very reminicent of top crime bosses, how has the mob lifestyle impacted your day to day life? They want to be apart of my movement!

❶BIG PUN – BLASTING BIG PUN F. FAT JOE, REAKWON CHRIS RIVERS – TOE 2 TOE F. CORY GUNZ BIG PUN – NOBODY F. CANIBUS CHRIS RIVERS – DRAGON BORN Domingo – You Ain't A Killa (Remix) CHRIS RIVERS – MAKE IT HOT F. G FELLA Domingo – Dream Shatterer Matt Racks: I'm a big fan of the Mob Wives, (I myself am #TEAMRAMONA hahaha) so I'm familiar with the tribute songs you made for Renee Graziano and Drita RIP PUN! Matt Racks: Where can our readers purchase or download your music? G-Fella: Go to to get all my links to free mixtapes to. The track, featuring Terry Hall (The Specials, Fun Boy 3), is available for download on the Gorillaz website ( 29 and features collaborations with Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda and DJ Hahn, the Tom Tom Club, Biz Markie, the late Big Pun and Kool G. Rap, and remixes by the Lo Fidelity Allstars and Fatboy.|Tour, records etc awesome experience! Plus I just know I was meant to do this and I will help a lot of people when I can! We don't talk much at this point but the love will always be there! Just wanted to get all the other Italian hip hop artist out there together. Where can our readers purchase or download your music? I just tried to lead the way and make all my recognition shine light on the movement so others can get something out of it as well!| ]
BIG PUN - G FELLA feat. BABY PUN AND BIG PUN - 4 of 4 BIG February Mp3 Download. Filename: BIG PUN - G FELLA feat. BABY PUN AND BIG PUN - 4 of 4 BIG hitai.ru3. Duration: Published: Like: 3K Dislike: Size: MB Views: K.

I have a new mix tape coming February "Valentines day Massacre! They want to be apart of my movement!

For those of you who didn't know G Fella is a very active participant in various charities and fund raisers. This is his G Fella recently started filming his much anticipated reality show, So be on the look out for that in the very near future! For more Download G Fella's 'The G Factor' on today!

I gel my hair, wear sweat suits, drive dope cars, wear big jewelry, etc!! Learned a lot about the business from her and Sha. She is hip hop!

This is not a part time thing! Work, workwork and work some more!

The 4th of 4 tributes for the late great Big Pun this month "BIG" February an original song by G Fella Missing: download.

G Fella] Anything you do from dollars to cents You gonna be kicking back not for self defence Matter fact you can look at me as your permenate peal But he'd give ya bigger punishment then Chris Rios You had to pardon the puns No pressure if i have to put you under the gun god bless ya Terrorizing squads ass Im a star in the red white and blue like the puertorican flag Dead in the middle of little Italy Green, white, red, nonthin' to do with cars but my 16 hybird Always gonna be chubby the situation solve em No patience i guess i got a wait problem G fella coming for the thrown Im BX bone, right here in hip-hops home Tom curse and cat dudes with doms due And we run up on animals in the bronx you remember [Verse 2: When you grow up around certain things, naturally it rubs off!

Lyrics G G Fella lyrics.

Lyrics Big Pun AZ lyrics, find other albums and lyrics for G Fella. Download from Apple Store Download from Google Play. G Fella - Big Pun lyrics. [Hook: G Fella] BIG PUN Had to do this track with your big son. Let this new generation know how big you really was. BIG PUN Thanks for all the blood sweat and tears pun.

They are like my sisters! Tour, records etc awesome experience!

Big fella download g pun

Being Italian I always Say How you doin?

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