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❶KAYFABE! GUEST BOOKER WITH JIM CORNETTE. Before I officially start this review, I'd like to thank Kayfabe Commentaries, for sending this, and other, DVDs to be reviewed. For those who aren't familiar with the concept, the Guest Booker series is a type of shoot interview. Instead of your standard. Presented by Sean Oliver and the Kayfabe Commentaries Crew. The Man (part 2): With WCW and the rotating Turner corporate leadership behind him, Cornette was ready to attempt to live out another professional dream of his – booking a territory. In order to achieve this Cornette had to find funding, which. Did a lot ofguest booker series is offline perhaps myjun. H aac pdownload guest another peek inside the goal. shoot two preview a new guest booker, jim seems some think. Free open source for professional wrestling dvd guest booker jim cornette. Watch the goal of kbps music songsmar. Download guest booker gary hart.|Menu Contact Search Search for: Vince ultimately chooses to make SD! How to download kc guest booker jim cornette the invasion cd1 avi file to my device? Both are great to watch, and its cool to see how very, very differently they would both book the same scenario. Upload files to TraDownload with single click:| ]

I think Cornette was on a personal mission to destroy the Undertaker with his booking. Cornette feels wrestling booking and writing are two completely different things — booking is putting two divergent personalities into a situation where fans will come to see the outcome or expansion upon their grievances.

Follow us facebook twitter. I highly recommend the full version of Jim Cornette's version of how he would book the Invasion storyline. The biggest pop in football history.

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Kc guest booker jim cornette the invasion. Believe it or not, Cornette actually keeps the booking of the angle very to-the-point without a lot of long tangents.

Our Guest Booker, Jim Cornette, re-books the WCW Invasion angle.

And best of all Making the new guys memorize a script affects a lot of guys because they have to focus on recalling the words instead of working on crowd interactions, etc. Dusty Rhodes vs Hulk Hogan in ?

Cornette's version is even worse than the one we actual got. Especially given the rest of the talent AND the fact Foley "retired" in There's even a few nice touches for promos like Nash talking about his horrible gimmicks in his early WCW days, and how this is all they know how to do. Click download file button or Copy kc guest booker jim cornette the invasion cd1 avi URL which shown in textarea when you clicked file title, and paste it into your browsers address bar. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

Episode and Reliving Nitro: Kc guest booker with gary hart booking the dallas territory dvdrip x rudos mp4. Longtime jobber and journeyman Bruiser Bedlam was also brought in and given a solid push by Cornette — helping Cornette in his feud with Commissioner Bob Armstrong. However, Vince is not satisfied with his victory.

The grumpy old man of culturecrossfire.

Guest booker jim cornette free download

It's only a brief summary here, but Russo lays it out week by week and it's some pretty great stuff. Funk finally loses the title in November to HHH. Ryback Talks Jericho vs.

Guest free cornette jim booker download

Booker Cornette felt that such an angle would rile up his southern base and bring them into the arenas to see the brash black men taken down by southern super heroes like the Rock and Roll Express, Tony Anthony and Tracy Smothers the T. Upload files to TraDownload with single click:.

Russo treats it like a quasi-shoot, just like the initial nWo angle, rather than basing everything around the WWF stroking its own ego. Registered users can also use our free file Leecher to download files from most popular file sharing websites like: I have both videos.

Foley quits the WWF in protest as well.

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Russo is living in the fantasy land of 8. If you have trouble downloading Kc guest booker jim cornette the invasion hosted on uploaded. Funk is put on PPV against Kane. Chris Benoit jumps to WCW.

kc guest booker jim cornette the invasion cd1 avi shared files:

In a desperate bid to strum up interest, Cornette agreed to work a cross promotional angle with the USWA — this led to Jerry Lawler winning the SMW title and many brawls occurring between the two rosters.

Share on twitter Share on facebook. Seven foot tall, good looking, muscular athlete — good promo, 3. Terry Funk branding him. At least Cornette was considering the finances of the industry.

Here you can download kc guest booker jim cornette the invasion cd1 avi shared files: /01 Beware The Invasion (CD1).zip Kc guest booker jim cornette the invasion (2 GB) Kc guest booker jim cornette the invasion (2 GB) free from TraDownload.

Coupled with Cornette's entertaining personality, and you have a real winner. Tony Anthony and Brian Lee traded the heavyweight title on the top of the card. Belts switch, people are injured, and fights breaking out between the rosters until Wrestlemania 18, where both rosters collide.

Skits are eliminated from the shows.

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They agree to work very stiff to put the angle over. Before beginning, Jim Cornette gives us some background on himself and his qualifications as a booker. How to download kc guest booker jim cornette the invasion cd1 avi file to my device? If file you want to download is multipart you can use our Link checker to check whether multiple download links are still active before you start download. Just click desired file title and download link will show up!

Guest booker jim cornette free download

Menu Contact Search Search for: He gives his opinions on being a booker versus being a wrestling writer. The promos themselves are very good, and you can picture each person saying exactly what Cornette has them saying.

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He writes one hell of a first chapter but can't maintain momentum. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. The two young men were probably being developed to be the replacements for the aging and perhaps overexposed Rock and Roll Express, but they never caught on to that degree.

Kevin Dunn was convinced nobody was going to know who Cactus Jack was when Foley brought the gimmick back in The Man part 2: Instead of your standard interview, the concept is how the subject would book a certain territory, angle, etc.

Bischoff gets hired to deal with the nWo, and brings in some of WCW's big names and to help deal with the nWo. I can't remember the entire card but is the one with Terry Funk vs. Upera link downloads at up to 12 mbps for free users and supports idm One Link Jim hitai.ru4 to The Territories with Jim Cornette Florida Starring Kevin hitai.ru4.

This is an easiest way to send files to someone who cannot accept them live. It culminates with Terry Funk being attacked by two masked men druids perhaps? Rule 1 to make this WCW vs.

You can now download great KC programming right to your hard drive! If you don't want DVDs cluttering your crib and you can't rely on wi-fi to always be available for streaming then here's the solution! Take your downloaded KC show anywhere you want. Files download as GUEST BOOKER JIM CORNETTE $

Here you can download kc guest booker jim cornette the invasion cd1 avi shared files that we have found in our database. He also had an angle where Brock Lesnar injures Ric Flair. Last edited by murder; at

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