Minecraft luigis mansion dark moon map download

It is a fun challenge and it does seem like the game it is based off of, however I feel that snowballs don't stack very well and make the scoring hard. Gladd's Lab is missing though: Gormidion Level 1 New Explorer July 30, Gadd's lab but hopefully I'll get that done soon. Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. Tayomayo Level 21 Expert Taco December 23,3:

❶On 26th April, , Rsmalec, once again, invited me to play a custom map with him. We played Luigi's. Minecraft: Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon Haunted Towers Timelapse. MineTronic. Loading. Map download. Minecraft Luigi's Mansion 2/Dark Moon Adventure Map for Minecraft CHANGELOG: v •full english.|Gadd's lab but hopefully I'll get that done soon. Maybe I can get dylan to take a break from monstrosity and come play this instead! Pfctink Level 13 Journeyman Dragon January 3,3: I have my last exam on Tuesday and have a lot of free time on Wednesday so I'm gonna try to fix it up nice then and post it: I've been playing this map since yesterday.| ]

If you can, make the mansions from Luigi's Mansion: Why de-emphasize it explicitly in your post?

Minecraft mansion dark map moon luigis download

I ended up with a score of It is strange, the boss battle seemed easier than the earlier fight in the library. Last edited by ColdFusionGaming: You are really good at making maps Can't wait to see what you come up with for the other mansions.

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My maps have been moved to world hosting: Last edited by . I see it when I opened the downloaded folder but I don't know what to do from there. Please help . Current LP: Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. #19 Apr 29  Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Mod [COMING SOON.

Btw, loving your stuff! I'm just ticked that mine that I spent over 5 months working on, because it looked similar to his.

=Luigi's Mansion 2= in Minecraft!

Craftacart60 Level 10 Journeyman Hunter March 3,4: Neoclassical Temple 2 mausoleum. Zelkia Level 35 Artisan Nerd June 8,5: Also, it needs a better spawn point so I don't end up on the side of the hill trying to climb up and having to dumby-pole up using gravel.

The Dark Moon has been broken throwing Evershade Valley into chaos You as Luigi must make your way through a haunted mansion to recover the Dark Moon Project Details; 1 Update Logs. Download Minecraft World; Feature on my profile page. 1, Views, 15 today. Downloads, 1 today.

I got a total score of Create Account or Sign In. It is wider than the actual mansion because I added in correct wallpaper and flooring for each room.

Other than that so far your map looks great. I would describe what the map -IS- first, not focus on what it isn't.

Map minecraft luigis moon download mansion dark

Latest Hot Land Structure Projects! Like before, the only real troubles I found were the weird spawn point and the snowballs.

How to Install

Diamond for you my good sir. PMC needs to realiz that if 2 people make a project based on the same thing they are gonna look pretty similar. Other then those, no real glitches, but I would have preferred to be able to explore the map when I pressed the button that changed the mode I don't know where to head and it doesn't teleport me or anything.

Download Minecraft World; Feature on my profile page If you can, make the mansions from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. .. looks cool, i've made a luigi's mansion minecraft skin if you wanna look even has the vacuum cleaner =) you should make this into a adventure map or survival put mobs in and stuff.

I don't know how to download the texture pack. Gladd's Lab is missing though:

Minecraft luigis mansion dark moon map download
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